The French Quarter Girls || A New Roleplay

The French Quarter Girls || A New Roleplay

Along the streets of New Orleans, there lives an apartment building with 13 pretty girls that live inside. But these 13 girls are anything but ordinary. They are the strange and unique girls tied to the gruesome murder of one Maryn Maples-- a darling southern belle found butchered on the street in front of their home.
But these girls are anything but innocent-- each and every one of them is suspect to the murder for one reason or another. And almost all of them are the member of a secret society: The French Quarter Girls. The society is filled with the city's most elite and privileged young ladies. And those who aren't are the social rejects who are actively protesting it's existence.
But here in the city of history and darkness, lives something much more sinister than even the murder itself. As the cops begin to try to solve the crime, they uncover even more secrets about the city they live in and the girls they're investigating. There's only one way to figure out this brutally glamorous whodunnit.
And that's to tell your story.
Welcome to the game, girls.

♡ This is a high fashion role play. This means for you-- pick a pretty model, fill out an application, and complete at least one story a week to remain active!
♡ No godmodding-- this means, don't make any other characters do anything their owner would not allow them to do
♡ This game, you are actually writing to figure out whodunnit. The more you write, the more points in the game you accrue to allow you to fight for the right to be the 'killer'.
♡ But Georgia, why would I want to be the killer?
Well, you might not! But because this is a story telling role-play, and nobody here is innocent, that's the goal we're going with here.
♡ Social media, stories, and free-write sets all count as ways to get points for your characters and also serve as a way to get your characters status higher up.
♡ The first person to reach 100 points will be announced to the group as the killer.
♡ That's it!
Things to remember:
Song that describes character:
Favorite memory:
Quirks/ Habits:
Social Media:
List of Family:




"This will be one war,everyone wants to be a part of"

Mystical, charming, and glamorous young women attend a French wizarding academy named Beauxbatons, located in the South of France. They do not realize that everything they love and cherish at this school can change when Durmstrang Academy goes co-ed with Beauxbatons.

Beauxbatons is a highly esteemed academy for the magically gifted ladies in France; every girl has the chance to achieve her highest level of expertise at this institution. These girls may seem flawless, but each has her insecurity; they have their ways of masquerading their flaws and keeping their school's name high, but can it stay that way even if the rowdy Durmstrang boys decide to give Beauxbatons a proper makeover?

It's not the only problem surrounding these girls. Rumors are going around the castle grounds that death eaters will come back, and this time, they won't lose to a boy with a weird scar.

This year may also be the year for one special student: Beauxbatons is hosting a competition (similar to Tri-Wizard competition but without other schools,only between the four houses) but sadly for them, the boys will be teamed up in their houses too, so that means they have to get a long with them.

Can these girls handle the changes, or might one of them be the real danger?
✰ ✮ ★
♥ Belanger (Like Gryffindor)
The perfect house for the brave, daring and athletic type. Most of them aren't vain and don't pride on looks,they put others before themselves but sometimes their victory can get to their head and will forget who they really are.They have some of the best Quidditch players,they have allot of Half-Bloods, Muggle-Born and Pure-Bloods but they lack Veela and mystical beings.
➠Colors- Dark Ivy Green, Black and White.
➠Badge- Six white stars crossing over a straight dark green ribbon with black, cat paw prints.

♥ Mauplume (Like Ravenclaw)
This house is mostly for over achieving bookworms, intelligent and witty girls that age beyond their years. They have the best exam ratings; most of the girls graduate to work for the French Ministry of Magic or invent their own potions and win many magic noble prizes. They have a selection of all girls but also lack Veela.
The intelligent, imaginative and heavily talented girls go to Mauplume.
➠ colors- Dark Purple, Lilac and Silver.
➠ Badge- Five silver stars crossing over a dark purple ribbon with lilacs (the flower).

♥ Delasmit (Like Slytherin)
The fierce, cunning pure bloods of the school; They come from the richest, snobbiest families in high places and don't care about the others. They are very good in Quidditch but they have never won the House Cup because they never obey the rules. Only Pure Bloods and the only house that has Veela. Not a lot of girls want to be in Delasmit because they are vapid and some of these girls may possess dark magic. The mischievous, manipulative and malicious girls go to Delasmit.
➠ Colors- Red,Black and Grey.
➠ Badge- Four black stars crossing over a grey ribbon with a red fox.

♥ Grodeffroy (Like Hufflepuff)
Unlike Hufflepuff, this is the house to be. These girls are pure at heart but some are not pure of blood; They strive in everything they do but never loose themselves in the process. They have a record for winning the House Cup five years in a row. They obey the rules and always help anyone who seeks it. The kind, smart and caring girls go to Grodeffroy.
➠ Colors- Turquoise, Light Blue and Dark Royal Blue.
➠ Badge- Three light blue stars crossing over a turquoise ribbon with a dark blue half moon.
✰ ✮ ★
• Glass Atrium •
The Glass Atrium is the Beaubaxtons like the great hall...white-wood tables,royal blue cushions,Diamond chandliers,silver and gold table cloths,sky blue window curtains, the head table for professors and four tables for each house.Students are serenaded while they dine by choirs of wood nymphs. At Christmas time the dining hall is adorned with great, non-melting ice sculptures.

• Classes&Examinations •
➠ First year exams · Second year exams · Third year exams · Fourth year exams · Ordinary Wizarding Level · Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test
➠ Core classes: Astronomy · Charms · Defence Against the Dark Arts · Herbology · History of Magic · Potions · Transfiguration
➠ Elective classes: Arithmancy · Care of Magical Creatures · Divination · Muggle Studies · Study of Ancient Runes
➠Extra-curricular classes: Advanced Arithmancy Studies · Ancient Studies · Art · Flying · Ghoul Studies · Hogwarts choir · Muggle Art · Muggle Music · Music

• Student Lounge Of Each House (Common Rooms) •
A large and comfortable room filled with couches, chairs, tables, and amenities to entertain students between classes and free time.

• Dormitories (For Each House) •
Each student is assigned a room and a roommate to reside with during their stay at Beauxbatons.

• The Quidditch Pitch •
Quidditch is the national pastime of the Wizarding World, so naturally, there's a few club teams.

• Out Of School •
♥ French Ministry of Magic
Marseilles Branch.

♥ Canebière (like Diagon Alley)
The busy thoroughfare where you enter the Wizarding section of Marseilles. A wide boulevard that one must walk through to gain access to the shops along the boardwalk. Completely invisible to Muggles.

♥ The Boardwalk
Wizarding shops strewn along the beach.
Like hogsmead.

♥ The Corinche
The beach, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Vacation homes are here.
✰ ✮ ★
head girl: Izabel Valencía
head boy: Pascal Windsor
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl:
head boy:
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Mischa Declerq
head boy: Donovan Bartholomew Krum
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Ingrid Maus
head boy:
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:

✰ ✮ ★
seeker: Izabel Valencía
seeker: Mischa Declerq
beater: Donovan
✰ ✮ ★
If yes,which position:
Core Classes:
Elective Classes:
Extra Curricular Classes:
Wand details:
Best memory:
Have any special heirlooms?


EXTRA; moodboard, playlist, storyboard, collection, etc



This is a group meant for writing and roleplaying.
under a bit of construction

GAME OF DARLINGS ++ A New Roleplay

GAME OF DARLINGS ++ A New Roleplay

"People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall."
Welcome to the Valley.
You've seen it before: the gorgeous people, the gorgeous houses, and all that gorgeous money. Where the privileged and wealthy frock and the parties are straight out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald book. It may all look like games and glamour, but when you enter the life of luxury, you enter the game to the top. The girls of the Valley are no strangers to that game. In fact, for the daring, an invitation to their secret society is a tabloid article away.
The Society of Darling's is California's best kept secret... and your only way to the top in this luxury town is to keep your head above water. It's a hierarchy of all the most influential girls in LA. Ruled by the Valley's socially elite-- daughters of Lawyers, former Wall Street wolves, celebrities, old money just for starters-- it's a game where no one stays on top for too long... even the game makers themselves. The mission is to keep your friends close and your enemies much closer.
So welcome to the club darling.
We've been craving some fresh meat.
++ RULES ++
- Keep the drama in the roleplay, obvi
- Try to pick and write a character that you know you'll love
- Write your top 3
- Keep stories at least 3 paragraphs
- Include others, but make sure to ask who wants in.
- No godmodding
- Have fun and stay active
Name, Age
Current Town:
Astrological Sign:
Relationship Status:
++ FAVES ++
Favorite Color:
++ ABOUT ++
Writing Sample:

This Is The Life {Tv series story challenge}

This Is The Life {Tv series story challenge}

{ I need a better name but for now it will do }
Have you ever imagined how great life would be if you were living in your favourite tv series? What happens when you are transported into that show, all your previous memory removed and replaced with new ones, only thing that remains the same is your first name {also surname but not mandatory}. You are now someone's girlfriend or sister or part of a dark secret and you have to make tough decisions and nail biting choices.Now you're the star of the show, every episode is different now that you're part of it, new drama plot twists, love triangles and heart breaking season finale's.
Are you up for this?
Name surname, age
Name of tv series
Portrayed by
Friends& relationships
Biography{ remember your character is a main cast, so she has a past etc.. }
- collection
- wardrobe
- playlist
- story board
-mood board
~ Basic rules & info of this challenge ~
1. So you create your character, hopefully if we have enough members there will be a Contest
{ only for the fun, everyone that joins is included in the group, everyone can make and create their stories and sets. Remember this character can be anything you like, be creative!
2. You have to make a set for every episode& season of that series, remember to start at the beginning.
3. If you've finished the first season, make a collection with all the completed stories/sets and pm the mods so they can add the collection
4. When you finish your first season you can either continue to the next season or make a new character for another series that you love but try to finish the first season
5. Remember this isn't a role play group but you must write for every episode, portray your character and tell us the story of how she lives and how she evolves in the series.
6. After you made your Character you may start with the First episode etc.. You can finish this when you like, remember this is YOUR character and your story!
7. Submit your sets to the competitions if & no animations, movies or books. Only tv series!!
9. Character's love relationships and secrets you can change as you like, even add new characters but not an entire different cast?
10. ENJOY! this group is mainly for you to have fun!
11. You may do more than one show at a time BUT you have to be committed to them all, I don't want this group to be the pit of lost inspiration..
~ Finished Tv series Season 1~
{ Pm a mod when you've finished season 1 of your series}
More stuff will be coming



Tucked away in the grassy knolls of the quiet city of Salem, is a private university by the name of Roanoke College. It is the comfortable home of around 2,060 students, each one unique in their abilities and culture. Yet there is one specific trait a group of unacquainted young women share that holds true to the legend of Salem. Each are unaware of the powerful heritage that courses through their veins until one fateful night their paths cross.
Though with great power comes great responsibility, responsibility to conceal it from the world. Because believe it or not there are still suspicious murderers lurking in the shadows yearning to see a witch burn in front of the public eye much like their ancestors. The girls create a pact to protect one another at all costs, to protect their shared secret.
But not all magic is to help others. There is a dark side, a side that a few of them may find difficult to resist.

1. This is a HF roleplay, as well as a story related roleplay. Therefore if neither one of those apply to you, then it is highly likely that this group is not in your preference.
2. There will be monthly events considering each person's busy schedule, much like my own. But activeness is the key to keeping a group alive so there will be mandatory events.
3. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission, also tag everyone in each set you make for the group!
4. With that being said, it would be recommended to leave a comment. People work very hard on their stories and it kind of sucks to have no recognition. As for drama, keep it within the stories themselves.
5. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask me at any time because I will most likely have the answer!


coming soon....

☾ FULL NAME, AGE [ 18 - 24 ]
YEAR || [ freshman - senior ]
BIO ||
Social Media :
Closet :
Storyboard :
Moodboard :

created by @whiteshvdows on 18|04|17.
Inspired by Practical Magic, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, The Covenant, and Hocus Pocus.

Five Points Academy

Five Points Academy

**This is a re-creation of a challenge group I originally made in...2014? possibly**
If you made a pentacle for the original group, please submit them!
Welcome to Five Point Academy, America's academy for young wicca.
~All About Five Points~
~Original Student List (2014-2015)~
~Ducky's Pentacle~
Before you get started,
here are some things to remember.
-Five Points Academy is in Oregon state, in the woods, somewhat near Portland.
-The school runs in the American system aka 7th-12th grade or ages 12ish-18ish.
-The girls have the option of going home for the winter and spring holidays; everyone goes home for summer.
-Their element chooses them in a ceremonial ritual when they are 13.
-Familiars can come at any time in their lives, but are bonded for the rest of it.
-Pentacles are assigned by the administration during the girls’ 10th grade year.
-This is an all girls school. The boys school is in Montana, aka not close.
-The only time boy wicca would be around (besides the few teachers who are male) would be the annual Holiday ball.
-Unless of course there are budding romances outside of school.
-But remember--pentacles before testicles.
-Elements share dorms and classes; pentacles have a specific class and work together to do ritual magic. They are also close friends.
-I encourage collaboration, HOWEVER, don’t fret if another person’s cannon interfers with yours somehow. Ex: They have the same faceclaim; they killed off one of the teachers. Everyone is working in an independent parallel universe, basically.
-This is a challenge group more so than an rp group; I encourage any and all story writing, and the goal isn’t to finish the challenge, just...play. I encourage playing.
The Only Rules
-Have fun.
-Don’t start fights with another member.
-PM me with questions.
-The only cannon is what I put in the following collections.
Getting Started: http://www.polyvore.com/american_wicca/collection?id=3641835
Students: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3647084
Faculty: Coming soon.
More Wicca Lore: Coming soon.
Character Development
1. Create Your Character(s). You may have up to 5 (the number in a pentacle).
2. Make a moodboard for your character(s).
3. Make a collection for your character(s) (all together, or separate.)
4. WRITING CHALLENGE: Develop your character’s background. Where did they come from? Who are their family? How did they react when getting their acceptance letter?
5. Create a doll set of your character(s).
6. STORY: From one of your character’s POV, write about an experience during their first year at the academy.
7. WRITING CHALLENGE: Describe one of your characters through another character’s POV.
8. STORY: Write about how one or all of your character’s experienced the elemental choosing ritual.
9. If you haven’t yet, write extensive lists of your character(s) likes, dislikes, habits, hobbies, and personality traits.
10. If you haven’t yet, make a wardrobe collection for one or all of your characters.
BONUS: Do this entire survey for one or all of your main characters: http://tinyurl.com/bdylpkg

Plot Development
11. Create a ‘storyboard’ giving a rough outline of some major plot points of your story arc, character relations, etc.
12. STORY: Write a story about the dynamics between two characters, either as friends or enemies. This can be in the past or present.
13. Write something about a character and their familiar. This can be a story (aka, how they came to be bonded), or just some description on the familiar and their dynamics.
14. STORY: Write about when your pentacle was first formed. How did all the girls get along? Has this changed over time? Is there tension between certain members? Etc.
15. Develop the conflicts. Most stories have one big one and several smaller conflicts which impede the characters along the way. Consider both internal and external conflict.
16. If your enemy is another human being, or sentinel creature, develop them. What is their motive? Where did they come from? What is their weakness? What do they wear?
17. What our your main character’s strength and weaknesses? How do they change (or not) throughout your story arc?
18. By now you probably have an idea about your characters individual powers; how do they develop over the story? Does that get them into trouble or does it save them? This can be applied to any of the conflicts you have developed (or can be among them.). Write a story demonstrating their powers.
19. WRITING CHALLENGE: Write dialogue. Dialogue can be tough stuff, so just write a scene that is like 90% in quotations.
20. STORY: Write an action scene. This can be a battle, a chase, a sex scene, an adventure, whatever, just it should be full of verbs, most likely. You get the idea.
BONUS: Write an entire chapter as though you were turning this project into a novel.

21. Pick a partner. Write for one of your partner’s characters (and them one of yours.).
22. With the same or different partner, write an entire story together--one will start it, the other will finish it.
23. Have one partner make a set, starting off some action; the next person will come in an rp in the comments. You may include as many people as you like. This should be short, simple, fast and dynamic rping (aka not story writing as is common here.).
24. Play writing truth or dare with one another (See: http://nanowrimo.org/forums/word-wars-prompts-sprints/threads/118796 ) It should go back and forth a couple times.
25. Since elements share dorms and classes, but not pentacles, collaborate with other member's character of the same element for one of the school events bellow.
Events at Five Points
(Not finished, will be updated.) (You may write additional stories for these or use them for the above challenges.)
-Start of year dinner (September).
-Welcome back campfire night, hosted by the fire
-Sports tryouts: Five Points has horse racing, polo, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, swimming, volleyball, archery, and tennis. Teams are made of your elemental house and separated by age (Aka, Frosh, Junior Varsity, Varsity.)
-Elemental houses also compete academically, and there will be various duels and competitions. Dates TBA.
-Outdoor survival training courses.
-Outdoor survival weekend with the earthens. (Takes place during Mabon, fall equinox.)
-Fire house hazing rituals (NOT affiliated with the school.)
-Samhain feast (aka Halloween.) and All Hallows Eve Ceremony.
-The Annual Yuletide Holiday Ball (formal attire!)
-Start of Winter Break.
-Imbolc aka end of winter ritual and feast, start of spring term.
-Ostara, aka vernal equinox aka rituals and ceremonies and generally boring but less so than Imbolc.
-Beltane aka May Day aka pre-finals fair and tournaments.
Extra Challenges (PM me with other ideas!)
-Draw a picture of one or all of your characters.
-Create a playlist for your plot or characters (use 8tracks.com for bonus points.)
-Cosplay as one of your characters and post pics (we will love you forever.)
-Write a poem about your characters/plot.
-Re-write a story as a script.
-Create a pinterest board about your plot.
-Make a set showing your character’s dorm room.
-Although inspired by many things and not particularly an original idea, I do not intend for this school to fit in anywhere within the Harry Potter universe. Hence the separation of wicca vs. witchcraft. Ditto for any other popular witch related fiction. Especially in the recent developments of Rowling's reveal of the American wizarding school, I feel the need to point this out.
-I am taking many creative liberties with the idea of wicca and am in no way an authority on the subject. I have no intention of offending anyone if this happens to be your practicing system of beliefs, and I am sorry if I do. This is a fictional world in good fun.)

The Golden Lie

The Golden Lie

"You do anything for a dime
Looking for the golden lie"
— Marina & the Diamonds, Hollywood
On March 28th 2017, seven actresses find themselves sitting in a tiny corridor – white papers gripped behind their small, recently manicured fingers. The corridor is completely quiet, other than the occasional mumbling that some would easily define as a one actress’ attempt in rehearsing her lines.
The girls throw glances at one another from time to time. Glances that are so small and yet hugely observant. They eye one other from head to toe -- from the expensive shoes of the wealthy girl in the back to the frumpy waitress uniform of the girl in the front.
They have all received the call back. A gesture so small and insignificant to an A-Lister and yet so important and full of hopes for someone of their caliber. No, they are not struggling actors. At least not all of them, but they have managed to gain a somewhat of a reputation in Hollywood and this part is just the thing that will help them branch out. Or at least help them start their dream career.
A Darren Aronofsky film starring an underrated actress from their batch? Phenomenal. An actress playing a complicated character like Evelyn Specter? Groundbreaking. Having the same film and performance being nominated for a prestigious award? A dream they all wish it would come true.
But then something devastating happens. After hours upon hours of staying in that corridor, waiting for their turn, these actresses befriend one another and eventually go inside that room and audition for a role they will one day call their ‘favorite one so far’. Only to receive that dreaded message a few hours later, “Jennifer Lawrence got the roll in the new Darren Aronofsky film”.
“Well of course she did. She is sleeping with him, isn’t she?” A lot of the young women think.
But their journey doesn’t stop here, as they come to terms of their current so called situation and decide to finally change several things. Whether that is their lifestyle or wardrobe, they are going to spice things up and sign a couple of PR contracts in order to have the rumor mill talk about them once and for all.
. . .
Evelyn Specter; The main character in Darren Aronofsky’s new film Orphan. The movie is as dark and gritty as a Aronofsky film can get and the role isn’t so far from it. Abandoned by her parents at the tender age of five, Evelyn has only had herself. After a carefree night out during her teen years, she is r.aped by a group of rich young men who her new equally rich friends have introduced her to prior the events. Seven years later, Evelyn is now in her twenties, and she vows revenge upon those who have hurt her both mentally and physically. I.e. she is going to kill them all.
In an interview, Aronofsky calls the film a mix of ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ and ‘La Femme Nikita’. The character on other hand is a complex young woman, whose personality shifted as her situation in life changed. She’s manipulative and charming -- owns traits that will most likely belong to a sociopath and likes to be in control of any situation that she is in. Evelyn is no light character, she is a force to be reckoned and there is certainly no happy ending her for, even after she finally gets what she always wanted: revenge.
. . .
1. This is a High Fashion Role Play, so the usual HF rules apply.
2.This is a story related roleplay. So if you prefer comment roleplays, this group might not be the one for you.
3. There will be monthly events. We are aware that people are fairly busy with school, university, real life stuff and work, so I am not going to push it. But, it will be nice if people are active and eventually catch up with events and etc.
4. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission.
5. Tag everyone in your sets.
6. Drama always plays an important role. Just make sure that it stays in the roleplay.
7. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the mod.
8. And most importantly have fun!
. . .
. . .
Name, age
(birthday | zodiac sign)
Career so far:
What she is willing to do for her career:
What she wants from her career:
Relationship status:
Important people:
(explain how your character felt during the day of the audition, what she thought about the other actresses, about the character she was auditioning for and her career so far in general.)
Top Three:
Social Media:

. . .
created by Maria (@spacelava) on 10.04.2017

Tea Time

Tea Time

This group is for polyvorer's who love to have a tea party!
Mainly focusing on, desserts, gardens, ballet, fashion, and of course, tea! This group will focus on classy, elegant, and feminine sets, and anything to do with a classic party!
Anyone is welcome to join the never-ending tea party!


Adopted: August 13, 2016